A Veteran Criminal Prosecutor for District Judge !!

Endorsed by The Baton Rouge Union of Police

An unmatched Record of Being tough on Crime!

From sex crimes, crimes against children, murders, kidnappings, robberies and gang-related crimes, Louise Hines Myers has built an outstanding and unmatched record of fighting violent crime in the courts of our parish all the way to the Louisiana Supreme Court.

In a time where children, families and our community are under assault from drugs and violent crime, Louise is exactly the person we need on our District Court. Her career has been an intense fight to bring justice to victims for the most unspeakable and worst of crimes!

Republican Louise Hines Myers is simply uniquely prepared to be our next District Judge.

Election Day is Saturday, March 25

Early Voting is March 11-18 (except Sunday)

Zip Codes include 70803, 70806, 70808, 70809, 70810, 70816, 70817, 70820 – Click on District Map for voter information

Help Elect a Prepared and Innovative Criminal Prosecutor to District Court…

…Republican Louise Hines Myers!

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MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Election Day is Saturday, March 25

Early Voting is March 11-18 (except Sunday)

Louise brings Diesel to fight for victims of crime!

From 2015 through 2018, Louise was extensively engaged in prosecuting sex crimes, especially crimes against children. She quickly saw the anxiety and turmoil a child can feel in the surroundings of a court proceeding. Yet, Louise knows a child’s testimony can be profound in such cases.

To lessen this anxiety Louise began to bring her family’s three-legged adopted dog to interviews with the children. Witnessing the impact on the children, Louise obtained permission to bring Diesel, a lab-golden cross and trained service dog, into the witness holding area to help these witnesses with their stress. Diesel was such a success he is now brought into the actual courtroom in other criminal cases.

Louise was Diesel’s primary handler from the outset, and Diesel now lives with Louise and her family. It’s a heart- warming story, but the practical impact is that it gives victims and witnesses a sense of comfort in an untenable and strange environment, the courtroom.

Louise and Diesel didn’t stop at the courthouse…

Diesel did not stop at the courtroom, because Louise saw the success of Diesel’s calming presence. After working with Diesel in the courtroom, Louise took her experience to the Louisiana Legislature. She wrote and lobbied for the passage of the Duvall Law which allows for specifically trained dogs during jury trials with children or protected witnesses and allows for their use with justified adults.

Louise and Family

Louise with husband Michael, daughters Marin and Maggie, and Diesel.